Action Days in Vienna:

Migration is Not a Crime - Inform.Listen.Organize.


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It´s been exactlly two years since the verdicts in the so-called #Fluchthilfeprozess trial in Wiener Neustadt against eight refugees - most of them being activists in the Refugee Protest Camp Vienna. Today, we want to stand in solidarity with all migrants and refugees supporting each other in crossing borders and in their struggles for freedom of movement.
The number of persons supporting migrant mobility and therefor being surveilled, criminalized, sentenced, imprisoned and banned from the countries as so-called human smugglers is constantly growing all over Fortress EUrope - since ways of entering or passing through EU countries have been widely illegalized and therefor become more and more difficult without assisting structures. In Austria more than 1 000 persons have been sentenced guilty under the law of §114 FPG "Smuggling" since the year 2015 - almost all of them Non-Austrian citizens. They are conceived as criminals threatening the country´s sovereignty in managing migration.

We invite you to the Action Days starting on Tuesday, Dec. 6th with a powerful film screening in W23. There will be two workshops taking place on Thursday, Dec. 8th at the Kunsttankstelle Ottakring, as well as further presentations, an open space for your contributions and exchange and up-to-date inputs by refugees and solidary groups involved in refugee struggles all over Europe - on Saturday, Dec.10th. 
We invited activists from the #Röszke11 trials, the #Fluchthilfeprozess in Wiener Neustadt, the March for Freedom to Brussels 2014 (currently on trial in Luxembourg), the Protest March München-Nürnberg, Traiskirchen Protests (2012, 2014) and others. 

Let´s INFORM and LISTEN (to) each other and ORGANIZE resistance!


>>> Day 1 <<< 

Tuesday, 06.12., 7pm 
W23, Wipplingerstrasse 23, 1010 Vienna 
No wheelchair access - contact us if support wanted!
Smuggling Solidarity:   
“On the Bride´s Side” Filmscreening & Party for a friend

Soli-Cocktails, Food, Tshirts: Donations for legal support.
Free entrance to screening.
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Original film title: Lo Sto Con La Sposa (2014, Italy/Palestine), Length: 98’. Language: Arabic, Italian. Subtitles: English.
In collaboration with W23 & Precarity Office Vienna.

>>> Day 2 <<< 

Thursday, 08.12. (holiday)
Kunsttankstelle Ottakring, Grundsteingasse 45, 1160 Vienna. (Close to Brunnenmarkt)

WORKSHOP 1, 1pm - 4pm: Anti-deportation
Languages: English, German.
Free Participation - Please register (if possible):
Here, knowledge of, ideas for collective action against and experiences on deportations in Austria are going to be exchanged together with the group Stop Deportations. Where does prevention of deportations start? What do you need to know? 

WORKSHOP 2, 4pm - 7pm: Trial-Monitoring
Languages: English, German
Free Participation - Please register (if possible):
We will deconstruct the increasing criminalization, by law as well as in public discourse, of fleeing and migration - together with the initiators of the association Prozessreport, the platform Fluchthilfe & Du & Du and Asyl in Not (KidEM project). The workshop will, among others, treat so-called human smuggling trials monitored in Austria and is for individuals and groups interested in solidary trial observation. 

>>> Day 3 <<< 

Saturday, 10.12.
Kunsttankstelle Ottakring, Grundsteingasse 45, 1160 Vienna. (Close to Brunnenmarkt)

1pm - 4pm
OPEN DISCUSSION & Collective Timeline 

“Refugees welcome”: Who is speaking? Who is criminalized? Who is organizing? 
On the unequal relationship of visibility and solidarity.

Collective Timeline: Share experiences, demands and visual material for building up an archive of migrant & refugee struggles.
Languages: English, German.

*break - snacks & drinks*

5pm - 8pm 

Criminalizing Migration at the Borders and at Court:
Refugeeprotests, Marches, Open Border Convois, Smuggling before and the Long Summer of Migration.

Invited: People involved in #Röszke11 Solidarity (2015-2016), #Fluchthilfeprozess Wiener Neustadt (2014 - trial in appeal), #MarchForFreedomToBrussels (2014), #TraiskirchenProtests (2012, 2015), Open Border Caravan (2015), Protest March München-Nürnberg (2016), Bordermonitoring Bulgaria and others.
Languages: English, German

*Possible to collectively join a party at Planet10 afterwards*
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Organized by/ organisiert von Fluchthilfe & Du.  
Funded by/Gefördert aus den Mitteln von SHIFT.

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